Day 1097: The best things come in threes


Dearest Upcycler, today is the third birthday of We Upcycle and it’s time to say goodbye. We really enjoyed the past years and we are […]

Day 1096: Guest Post – Stamp Jewelry


A lot of people collect old stamps and some of them even make jewelry with them. Find more projects from Thomas here. Share

Day 1095: Guest Post – Window Board


Ines from Holz und Kunz works with various used materials and creates these chalkboards out of old window frames for instance. Share

Day 1094: Guest Post – Terrycloth Fashion


Andi and Britta founded the sewing workshop „zick+zack“ in 2008. Find more of them here. Andi and Britta say: “We were really happy when we […]

Day 1093: Guest Post – Bra Bow Ties


Merle studied textile and clothing engineering. In the course of her bachelor thesis she founded the label “WOLFAMSEL” which focuses on accessories for men made […]

Tag 1092: Guest Post – Tube Chair


Today, as her very last post on our blog, one of our most loyal upcyclers, Nina sends us her balcony chair that she repaired using […]

Day 1091: Guest Post – Scrabble Necklace


Everyone finds his personal initial pendant with Scrabble tiles.Here you find more projects from Stefanie. Stefanie says: “I just can’t keep my fingers off my childrens toys! Everything […]

Day 1090: Guest Post – Car Seat Bag


Andrea sewed a small bag out of an old car seat. Find more of her beautiful projects here. Andrea says: “I regularly visit a car salvage yard […]

Day 1089: Guest Post – Wasp Trap


Sabine created a wasp trap using a plastic bottle, branch ties and a bamboo stick. Share

Day 1088: Guest Post – Onionskin Eggs


The season of colourful eggs is back and Regula uses a tried and trusted method for her Easter eggs using onion skins. On her blog you find the full tutorial. […]

Day 1087: Guest Post – Valve Amplifier Pendant


Isa tries not to buy any new materials but to reuse things that other people throw away. This is also how she made this valve amplifier […]

Day 1086: Guest Post – Bicycle Tube Basket


Christiane wove strips of bicycle inner tubes to create a little basket. This would be a nice Easter basket as well. Here you find the full post. Share

Day 1085: Guest Post – Umbrella Bags


Susanne creates bags and even jewelry from broken umbrellas that she finds on the street. Susanne says: “First I collected photos of umbrella “bodies” because they always […]

Day 1084: Guest Post – Childrens Book Album


An old children’s book can easily be turned into a unique photo album, like Rebekka shows us. Here you see how she did it. Share

Day 1083: Guest Post – Branch Handles


It’s easy to create individual handles for cabinet doors. Indra, for instance, used small branches. Indra says: “Revamping old cabinets with the help of wallpaper remnants and […]

Day 1082: Guest Post – Easter Bunny Baskets


Today Natalie presents us a beautiful Easter craft project: from an empty milk carton you can easily make a nice little bunny basket for all the […]

Day 1081: Guest Post – Goose Rilettes


Indra’s Christmas goose lasts until Easter because she turns the leftovers into delicious rilettes. Indra says: “This requires fat from the goose (you can also mix fat […]

Day 1080: Guest Post – Deer Pullover


Ann-Sophie turns her grandmother’s old handbag into a deer application on her sweater. Here you find the tutorial. Share

Day 1079: Guest Post – Resistor Bracelets


These pieces of electronic waste almost look like beads.  That’s why Stefanie turned them into bracelets. Find more of her jewelry here. Stefanie says: “A couple of days ago […]

Day 1078: Guest Post – Deo Lights


Biene had the genius idea to convert used deo roll-on balls into a chain of lights. Biene says: “It’s easy to remove the balls from the deo […]