Day 877: Guest Post – Extinguish Robot


Eric sends ur his newest robot creation. Find his other work here. Eric says: “It ‘s a lamp, created from a recycled fire extinguisher. The two eyes are […]

Day 876: Guest Post – Coffee Toilet Roll Sack


Vanessa sews all kinds of things out of coffee sacks. Here you find more of her pieces. Share

Day 875: Guest Post – Insulation Bracelet


Today Saskia shows her bracelet made of cable insulation. More upcycling projects can be found on her blog. Saskia says: “This cable bracelet consists of […]

Day 874: Guest Post – Art Supply Case


To be able to draw everywhere Claudia always needs her sketching supplies. Here is the tutorial. Claudia says: “I made a travel case for my art supplies (paper, […]

Day 873: Guest Post – Jewelry Book


Laila had the idea to make a jewelry box from a book. Find the tutorial here. Laila says: “It’s a shame when old books go to the landfill […]

Day 872: Guest Post – Pallet Board


Thomas built his own wooden surfboard out of two pallets. Here you see more pictures of this beautiful piece. Thomas says: “I just finished a surfboard made out of […]

Day 871: Guest Post – Dish Soap Holder


Elisa is a writer from Italy and she wrote a book about upcycling. Find out more right here. Elisa says: “I needed a wooden box so I took […]

Day 870: Guest Post – Little Can Bag


Barbara makes bags from wheel inner tubes, can lids and a lot of jewellry from plastic bottles – every piece is unique. Share

Day 869: Guest Post – Bathroom Cabinet


Mr. and Mrs. Schnébolie renovate their house and here you can see what’s going on there.. Mr. and Mrs. Schnébolie say: “A year ago we bought […]

Day 868: Guest Post – Peanut Jars


Henriette used empty peanut butter jars and a tattered storybook to create little storage jars. Find more on her blog. Henriette says: “Filled with homemade cookies they are […]

Day 867: Guest Post – T-Shirt Dress


Regula used a T-shirt that never fit but was still too good to throw away and some waste fabric to sew a new dress. Here you find the […]

Day 866: Guest Post – Cardboard Foosball


Agy made a foosball game out of cardboard. Here you find the tutorial. Share

Day 865: Guest Post – Carpet Yarn Lamp


Berthild turns old carpet yarn into a new lampshade. Berthild says: “Inherited carpet yarn scraps and the old tattered lampshade are an excellent fit. So […]

Day 864: Guest Post – Light Fish


Olga made fish string lights using plastic bottles. Olga says: “For these fish, I used the upper part of small plastic bottles. With a pen […]

Day 863: Guest Post – Scent Shirts


Melanie sewed little scented bags out of mens shirts and filled them with freshly harvested lavender. Find the tutorial here. Melanie says: “The little bags have a zipper […]

Day 862: Guest Post – Neon Assemblage


Fabio is an artist and he creates assemblage pieces by deconstructing aged neon/road signs & advertising boards. That way he creates a new aesthetic of […]

Day 861: Guest Post – Sailor Buttons


Carola, aka Muschelfee, makes shell jewelry and buttons made of fabric remnants. Here you can see many other buttons and jewelry. Carola says: “In the […]

Day 860: Guest Post – Globe Lamp


Half the world lits Ann-Sophie’s desk. The instructions can be found on her blog. Ann-Sophie says: “The world is upside down in the truest sense. […]

Day 859: Guest Post – Tippe Top Flower


Petra shows us nice take on the ordinary tippe top toys. Petra says: “For my daughters birthday I made a tiny bouquet out of garbage. You […]

Day 858: Guest Post – Glasses Hanger


Very simple but still functional – Peters glasses hanger. Peter says: “Stores always give away coat hangers. They are perfectly suitable to have our glasses handy. And it […]