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Day 194: Guest Post – Shoe Drawers

In her early childhood Liane already loved to do new things from old materials; for the renovation of the kid’s room she made a drawer shelf from old shoeboxes.

Liane says: “For our last kid’s room renovation we looked for a cheap solution to keep small things, like building blocks or action figures. You get shoe boxes in many shops for free (most shops are happy, if they don’t have to throw so much cardboard). From those boxes we then made a nice shelf.

You need: shoe boxes with lid, big cardboard pieces, cutter, glue or tape and colours to decorate
First you staple the boxes, like you wish to have the shelf later on. To be able to pull the boxes out of the shelf you need to put a row of lids first. Then cut the cardboard for the backside, the walls in between and the backside. Now mark the glue position for the lids on the big prepared cardboard pieces. Be careful: make the gaps a little larger than needed, to prevent the drawers from stucking.

Fix the backside and the sides with glue to the cardboard. Make two little cuts on the frontside of the lids to be able to pull the drawers out. (Don’t cut it of it is important for the steadiness of the shelf and you could put an inscription later on.)

If the boxes don’t have any holes, you can make handles with a cord. We coloured the shelf with some leftover wallpaint, which then perfectly matched the children’s room. In the meantime the shelf is already two years old and its till stands.”

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