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Day 353: Guest Post – Marquise Braquet Lamps

Martin shows us a little assortment of his upcycling-lamps. If you like them you can vote for him at this contest.

Martin says:

Little Red Cap & Frog King 

Once there was a clamping lamp with a red hood. In the waste deposit it was accosted by the big bad wolf, but I successfully managed to chase it away. At our fountain Little Red Cap got to know the Frog King, that suddenly turned into a bright marquise braquet, but it kept its froggy feet. After some time Little Red Cap got used to the froggy lamp and they had the long-awaited coalition.


Upcycling Four

Here we have four members of the marquise-braquet-lamp family.
From left to right: Bello, the Lightdog;  Hold Me; Marquise of Scrap, Little Red Cap & Frog King



Bello is one of the four lamps of the marquise-braquet-lamps.
Together with a stainless steel CD-standand two furniture knobs it resembles a good dog, that can read and looks forward to the next holidays.”


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    Vielen Dank, Lisa, für deinen Kommentar!
    Ich freue mich auch über Besucher meiner Website beim ARTE Wettbewerb “Alles für die Kunst”.

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    funny lamps, with a particular character, congrats !

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