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Day 370: Guest Post – Bicycle Chandelier

Broken bicycles are everywhere. Janina got a great idea to convert them into unusual chandeliers. Here you find more of her work.

Janina says: “My flatmate collects bicycle parts in the hope that he can use them someday. In the meanwhile we stumble over handlebars, wheels… So I decided to use some of the parts. One of my projects is this lamp, which is very easy to build and chic. By now I had to move it to different places and it needs restoration.

You need: old bicycle, light chain, tracing paper, balloons, wallpaper paste, wire rope, wire and tape.

1. Clean the bicycle, colour it with spray paint or just leave it with the used-look!

2. Blow the balloons up only a little bit and mix a small bowl of wallpaper paste. Rip the tracing paper in pieces, dunk them into the glue and stick them to the ballons in layers. The more layers you attach, the more durable and opaque it gets.

3. Wait a few days until the balloons are completely dry, then prick them and pull the balloon out of the mantle.

4. Drape a light chain around the wheel and fix it with wire or tape. Place the balloon mantles on the lamps and fix them with paper tape.

5. Attach a thin wire rope on three or four spots of the wheel so that it’s hanging straight. Hang it on a hook an the ceiling with a thin extension cable, light on and that’s it!

Of course you can attach a lot of little things to the wheel like glasses for tea lights, memos, Barbie heads, old socks. Bulb fittings would also works instead of a light chain or lamp shades of all kinds. Infinite enlightenment to all tinkerers!”

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  1. michi
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    wow, ich bin begeistert! eine wunderbare idee.

  2. Jenny
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    Sehr schön!echt toll!

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