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Day 517: Guest Post – Travel Washbag

Super handy when you’re on the go, Tabea’s little washbag.

Tabea says: “I still needed a simple small bag for a longer bicycle ride for toothbrush and soap.

1. plastic bag, fold once and iron it between two sheets of parchment paper until all parts are glued together. The material is very robust and washable.
2. Cut it to the right size and sew it into a bag.
3. Sew a zipper to the inside (I usually cut them out of old clothes). I also added a metal ring so I can hang it somewhere.”

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  1. sternle
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    Klasse! Ich werde das definitiv nachbauen!

  2. Mike Fischer
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    Very useful. A washbag is what I miss the most when I’m traveling. Will try making one before my next trip.

    Twitter: @unocardealers

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