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Day 523: Guest Post – Concrete Vase

A nice contrast to colourful flowers – Andras concrete vase. Under the name of “Weißerherz” she also sells étagères from old porcelain here.

Andra says: “I made a vase with waste glass and concrete. It’s really easy: Besides concrete from the hardware store and waste glass in your desired size, you need a casting mould. I used a small bucket. I brushed it with oil on the inside. Then you fill it with the gooey concrete and press the glass inside the middle. To keep the glass from rising you have to put something heavy on top: you could fill the glass with stones or cover the bucket with a plate and weigh it down with stones. Now you need to wait until the concrete is solid and detaches from the bucket. This can take a few days, depending on the ambient temperature.”

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  1. Mike Fischer
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    Cool idea. The pot could be colored from outside, in case the grey of the cement doesn’t appeal to you.

  2. Danuta
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    Supi!!!!!!!!!!!!! Das probiere ich aus. Zur Zeit arbeite ich mit Behinderten und setze viele solche Ideen um. Sie haben so viel freude dabei, weil die Freude DA BEI ZU SEIN ist das wichtigste.

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