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Day 1018: Guest Post – Tetra Purse 2

Alex modified the tetra purse post from Day 103 and added a case. Alex says: “I also use almost the complete packaging and fold it in half. To make it sturdier I covered the edges in duct tape.” Share


Day 634: Guest Post – IKEA Purse

By now, probably everyone knows the classic IKEA shopping bags. Sturdy, beautiful color and with an interesting texture. This is a good starting point to create something new from a broken bag. Here and here you find more of Rainer’s work. Rainer says: “In order to practice sewing again I […]


Day 360: Guest Post – Tape Wallet

We wish you a happy Easter and a lot more creative upcycling ideas like this tape wallet by Nina. Find the whole tutorial on her blog. Share


Day 356: Guest Post – Plastic Purse

Everyone who hast to many plastic bags, can crochet something out of them, like Kristina. Kristina says: “Actually I try to avoid buying plastic bags and I always take my nice jute bag. But sometimes when I make a spontaneous visit at the supermarket and […]


Day 190: Guest Post – Nut Purse

After her big umbrella bags a few days ago, Isabelle presents us her tiny little bags today. Isabelle says: ” Giant walnuts are perfect for making little purses (and yes, you can put money inside!) It is a cool accessoire with guarantee for success, but […]