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Day 937: Guest Post – Shampoo Case

Today we have a double contribution for sunglass cases: one by Judith and one by Karin. On day 495 we had a third variation of this idea. Judith says: “This case consists of the halves of two shampoo bottles and provides space for sunglasses and […]


Day 904: Guest Post – Tissue Case

For carrying around unpacked tissues Sandra made a small jeans case. Find the tutorial here. Sandra says: “Handkerchiefs should be in every household and in every handbag. I’m buying the packs of 100 loose handkerchiefs for two reasons, firstly they are cheaper and secondly they produce less packaging material and […]


Day 683: Guest Post – e-Book Case

Today you can personalise nearly everythig. So why not apply this trend to e-book cases? Sabine says: “e-Book cases are still exclusively in black available here in Italy …. Boring!! So my suggestion for upcycling old maps and pictures: Cover an old road map, map or […]


Day 611: Guest Post – Shoe Specs Case

Today we have something unusual but still very functional by Alice. Alice says: “A child’s shoe as spectacle case? It’s easy to turn something old into something new. This is what you have to do: 1. Take a child’s shoe. It must be so big […]


Day 495: Guest Post – Shampoo Case

After his Shampoo Purses Rolf presents his second idea for empty packaging. Here you find the illustrated tutorial. Rolf says: “I was asked if I can make specs cases out of shampoo bottles. It works for bottles with a bigger lid. If you cut the opening off you have to […]


Day 356: Guest Post – Plastic Purse

Everyone who hast to many plastic bags, can crochet something out of them, like Kristina. Kristina says: “Actually I try to avoid buying plastic bags and I always take my nice jute bag. But sometimes when I make a spontaneous visit at the supermarket and […]


Day 329: Guest Post – Shampoo Case

Empty shampoo bottles accrue consistently, Nicole shows us how to turn them into wonderful cases. Nicole says: “My friend always leaves her glasses everywhere and often they break. So we put our spectacle cases on all strategic important places. They are very useful for the beach too, you […]