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Day 1018: Guest Post – Tetra Purse 2

Alex modified the tetra purse post from Day 103 and added a case. Alex says: “I also use almost the complete packaging and fold it in half. To make it sturdier I covered the edges in duct tape.” Share


Day 634: Guest Post – IKEA Purse

By now, probably everyone knows the classic IKEA shopping bags. Sturdy, beautiful color and with an interesting texture. This is a good starting point to create something new from a broken bag. Here and here you find more of Rainer’s work. Rainer says: “In order to practice sewing again I […]


Day 424: Guest Post – Felsliebe

Julia, graphic designer and passionate climber, produces on her own initiative bags from climbing ropes, truck covers, climbing shoes etc. Gladly she produces personal rope-accessories on request.  Here you find her website. Julia says: “The source material for wallets and bags of all kind is rope. Every […]


Day 356: Guest Post – Plastic Purse

Everyone who hast to many plastic bags, can crochet something out of them, like Kristina. Kristina says: “Actually I try to avoid buying plastic bags and I always take my nice jute bag. But sometimes when I make a spontaneous visit at the supermarket and […]


Day 190: Guest Post – Nut Purse

After her big umbrella bags a few days ago, Isabelle presents us her tiny little bags today. Isabelle says: ” Giant walnuts are perfect for making little purses (and yes, you can put money inside!) It is a cool accessoire with guarantee for success, but […]


Day 157: Guest Post – Foil Purses

After the shampoo purse another good idea by Rolf. Rolf says: “Packagings need to be appealing for the consumer, for this reason they are often very attractive and colourful in their design. Further more the materials need to be sturdy to protect the content. It […]


Day 103: Guest Post – Tetra Purse

Sophie sent us an upcycle classic – the TetraPak purse. Sophie says: “I made wallets out of old drinking packagings. (but you can keep all kind of different stuff… by the way condoms perfectly fit in ;)) All you need to do is: 1) Find […]