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Day 1050: Guest Post – Reading Pillow

Viola sewed a comfy reading pillow for her little son out of an old pullover. Find a lot more projects here. Share


Day 991: Guest Post – Jeans Pouf

Eight pairs of jeans turn into one new pouf for Vicky’s son. Find the tutorial here. Vicky says: When decorating my sons bedroom I was delighted to find an old foot puff at the local charity shop – and was even more delighted to realise I have the […]


Day 988: Guest Post – Jeans Cushion

Elke made new cushions out of old jeans. Here you find more. Share


Day 938: Guest Post – Pullover Pillows

Sabrina presents her couch pillows in new clothes. Sabrina says: “I wanted show a project where you can reuse old pullovers and blouses. You can find it on my new blog. For me it’s really hard to get rid of old clothes… But now I […]


Day 933: Guest Post – T-Shirt Pouf

Dagmar turned five old T-shirts into a new pouf. She cut the shirts in stripes and knitted them into a ball. Share


Day 913: Guest Post – Chair Cushion

Old T-shirts can easily be cut into crochet yarn to make colourful chair cushions, for instance. Here you find more of Viola’s work. Share


Day 777: Guestpost – Knit Pillow

Viola reused an old self-knitted cardigan and made a sofa cushion out of it. Find more on her blog. Viola says: “I made the pillow slip out of an old bedlinen and filled it with jersey scraps that I still had from recycled T-shirts. I kept the button […]


Day 733: Guest Post – Tie Cushion

Jutta sewed a colourful cushion out of some old ties. Share


Tag 707: Guest Post – Cushion Cube Chair

Here we have a unique and certainly very comfortable piece of furniture from Christoph. Christoph says: “A chair made from lots of cushion cubes, individually wrapped in fabric scraps. Also the wood is used material and the foam is from an old mattress that I cleaned.” Share


Day 656: Guest Post – Fireside Pillow

Regula sewed a small mattress out of an old feather pillow for her fireside bench. Here you see how it works. Share


Day 510: Guest Post – Shirt Pillow

A really simple idea from Karla zu reuse old shirts. Here you find more. Karla says: “I transformed an old shirt from my boyfriend into a cool and easy-care pillow case. The button front is great to change the pillows inside. It’s really easy, just cut the sleeves and collar […]


Day 351: Guest Post – Chicken Pillow

Finally a nice Easter idea by Barbara! Barbara says: “Before Easter comes I combined old bedlinnen and curtain leftovers and sew little chickens. As filling material I used the infill of some old pillows. My kids love those little animals; Easter can come !” Share