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Day 746: Guest Post – Lid Frames

Lisi turned little round lids into picture frames. Here you find her blog. Lisi says: “We have lots of photos lying around at home, which unfortunately never make it into an album, or in any other photo organizing thing. From collected lids and photos we made these pictures. […]


Day 721: Guest Post – Window Frame Picture

Ann-Sophie’s friend Jakov made her a picture frame out of an old window. Share


Day 704: Guest Post – Blackboard Frame

Andrea turns old and cobbled together picture frames with some blackboard paint into reduced, new pieces that can be personalised with a piece of chalk. Find more on her blog. Andrea says:”At home I have lying around so many old picture frames that I don’t […]


Day 437: Guest Post – Pin Frame

A beautiful old frame finds a new use as a pinboard how Eva shows us. Eva says: “This was made from an old frame. If the painting itself is not useful it can be used as the back cover: • bend a thin layer of foam […]


Day 359: Guest Post – Newspaper Frame

Carina adopted a great idea to convert ordinary picture frames into individual uniques. Carina says: “You can easily turn an unloved picture frame into an eye-catcher with just a newspaper, two wooden skewers, glue and dexterity. I copied the idea from a shop in Vienna but this […]