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Day 924: Guest Post – Baby Shirt

Kerstin turned an old mens shirt into a tiny baby shirt. Share


Day 913: Guest Post – Chair Cushion

Old T-shirts can easily be cut into crochet yarn to make colourful chair cushions, for instance. Here you find more of Viola’s work. Share


Day 910: Guest Post – Loop Scarfs

Since it’s getting slowly colder outside Viola made loop scarfs for her kids. Find more on her blog. Share


Day 884: Guest Post – Shirt Underdress

Viola sewed undergarments for her daughter’s Middle Ages costumes using some old shirts. Here you find her blog. Share


Day 863: Guest Post – Scent Shirts

Melanie sewed little scented bags out of mens shirts and filled them with freshly harvested lavender. Find the tutorial here. Melanie says: “The little bags have a zipper so you can refill them. Because I liked the idea so much I made a tutorial.” Share


Day 849: Guest Post – Summer Shirt Dresses

Viola sends us today a nice idea for her little girls. Here you can watch the whole story. Viola says: “I always have a huge pile of old shirts of my husband. This time I made summer dresses for my girls. At these temperatures nothing cools better than […]


Day 810: Guest Post – Shirt Tablecloth

Kirstin made a tablecloth out of different men’s shirts. Here you find her blog. Kirstin says: “The special thing about it is the technique. It was made using pojagi, an old korean patchwork technique.” Share


Day 773: Guest Post – Summer Nightgown

Viola turned two men’s shirts into one summer nightgown. Here you find her blog. Share


Day 510: Guest Post – Shirt Pillow

A really simple idea from Karla zu reuse old shirts. Here you find more. Karla says: “I transformed an old shirt from my boyfriend into a cool and easy-care pillow case. The button front is great to change the pillows inside. It’s really easy, just cut the sleeves and collar […]


Day 492: Guest Post – Mushroom Collecting Bag

A quick 5-minute-idea for collecting mushrooms from Andrea. Andrea says: “You need an old long-sleeve-shirt and two seams: sew up the shirt on the bottom, put the sleeves into each other and stich this up too. You’re ready to collect.” Share


Day 186: Guest Post – Shoe Lace Shirt

Cordula sends us a practical idea for worn T-Shirts. Cordula says: “Are your cotton T-Shirts also nice looking but the seam gets looser just after a few hours wearing them?Just grab your shirt and an old shoe lace and solve the problem! This is how it works: […]


Day 178: Guest Post – Iron Bag Shirt

We received some very nice examples to reuse plastic bags in the past, Peter shows another usefull idea what you could do with them. Peter says: “I looked for a birthday present for a friend, but I wanted to do it myself. Then I remembered […]


Day 116: Guest Post – Glückskind Shirts

Judith uses all kind of waste fabrics to sew those cheerful T-shirts. Each one is a unique piece. Share


Day 12: T-Shirt Scarfs

When one day your T-Shirts aren’t even fancy enough to sleep in, cut them into strips and transform them to these lovely scarfs. Share